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  Release History and Change Log

NetAnalysis v2.9

  • Change Log v2.9This release of NetAnalysis® adds support for Basilisk Browser, Epic Privacy Browser, Cốc Cốc Browser and QQ Browser. We have also improved support for many of the existing artefacts.

NetAnalysis v2.8

  • Change Log v2.8This release of NetAnalysis® brings new support for browsers such as AOL Desktop Browser and Blisk.

NetAnalysis v2.7

  • Change Log v2.7This release of NetAnalysis® brings new support for browsers such as Cyberfox, IceCat and Waterfox.

NetAnalysis v2.6

  • Change Log v2.6This release of NetAnalysis® brings support for two new browsers and new artefacts for existing browsers as well as adding support for the Chromium Simple Cache for HTTP. Another key feature is support for Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge Recovery Store, Tab Session, Travel Log and Roaming Tab Sessions.

NetAnalysis v2.5

  • Change Log v2.5This release of NetAnalysis® brings support for some new browsers and new artefacts as well as adding support for the modified cache format in Mozilla Firefox. We have also added support for the new versions of the Microsoft Edge download object.

NetAnalysis v2.4

  • Change Log v2.4This release brings support for Google Chrome's History Provider Cache and Network Action Predictors, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge Typed URLs and Bookmarking across the various supported Browsers.

NetAnalysis v2.3

  • Change Log v2.3This version of NetAnalysis® brings official support for installing on Microsoft Windows 10 as well as support for the new Microsoft Edge browser.

NetAnalysis v2.2

  • Change Log v2.2In this release, we have added support for six new browsers as well as adding support for new versions of the currently supported browsers. We have also added some new features to make life easier as well as resolving some issues. The full list of changes can be found below.

NetAnalysis v2.1

  • Change Log v2.1This release brings a number of significant new features and support. We have added support for a number of new browsers, added support for changes made to the most popular browsers as well as extending support to include new artefacts.

NetAnalysis v2.0

  • Change Log v2.0This section contains information relating to NetAnalysis® version 2.0. This is the first public release of NetAnalysis® v2.

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