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NetAnalysis® v2.2
Release Date: 30th July 2015
Build: 2.2.15210.42
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.2.15210.42.exe   Length: 44.5 MB
MD5:  e4-5a-d0-0a-17-22-e1-92-35-de-f8-a0-ff-92-14-09

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation version links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


In this release, we have added support for six new browsers as well as adding support for new versions of the currently supported browsers. We have also added some new features to make life easier as well as resolving some issues. The full list of changes can be found below.

New Features

  • [NET-159] - Added support for Safari WebpageIcons.db
  • [NET-1073] - Added support for Mozilla places.sqlite » moz_favicons
  • [NET-1076] - Added support for Chromium Session / Tab Restore
  • [NET-1079] - Added support for Chromium Favicons database
  • [NET-1086] - Added support for Yandex browser
  • [NET-1087] - Added support for 360 browser
  • [NET-1088] - Added support for Titan browser
  • [NET-1089] - Added support for Sleipnir browser
  • [NET-1092] - Added support for Vivaldi Browser
  • [NET-1094] - Added support for Opera Presto favicons
  • [NET-1100] - Added support support for Firefox v36 - 39
  • [NET-1102] - Added support for Google Chrome v41 - 44
  • [NET-1103] - Added support for Opera v28 - 30
  • [NET-1109] - Added support for Comodo Chromodo browser
  • [NET-1112] - Added support for Torch Browser v37 - 42
  • [NET-1138] - Added Base58 decoder in Decoding/Examination window
  • [NET-1143] - Added support for Comodo IceDragon v26 - 38
  • [NET-1144] - Added support for K-Meleon v75


  • [NET-1099] - Support for BLOB Scheme
  • [NET-1101] - Browser version formatting causing confusion
  • [NET-1105] - Update keyword searching form exact matching
  • [NET-1139] - Support for "browser" scheme
  • [NET-1140] - User Interface improvements

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1090] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow when importing synced data from Chrome Login Data » logins
  • [NET-1104] - Report not showing same records as filtered grid
  • [NET-1106] - Exception: Non-negative number required during import of Chrome cache data
  • [NET-1107] - Keyword search counts do not match search result counts
  • [NET-1111] - Clock tamper on Windows 8 evaluation mode
  • [NET-1113] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow during import of Chrome Login Data
  • [NET-1133] - Unable to read beyond the end of the stream importing Chrome index
  • [NET-1134] - Index was outside the bounds of the array importing Firefox places.sqlite