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Release History and Change Log

The following links will take you to the full Release History and Change Log documents for NetAnalysis® v3.

NetAnalysis v3.0

  • Change Log v3.0Version 3 is a major release of NetAnalysis® and adds over 200 new artefacts as well as new support for mobile and portable browsers. The user interface has been completely re-written and adds major improvements and new features in a number of key areas. We have improved the layout of the user interface, with the goal of improving productivity, and added support for light and dark themes. Our grids now boast Excel style column filtering with easy access string, number and date filtering. Another

Recently Updated


If you are a customer with a current licence, please use the links you were provided with when you purchased your licence. For security reasons, we do not provide links to software downloads on our website. If you have not got the link, please contact sales or click the button above.

To download the PDF version of the NetAnalysis® User Guide, click the link below.