Release History and Change Log

The following links will take you to the full Release History and Change Log documents for NetAnalysis® v3.

NetAnalysis v3.8

  • Change Log v3.8Welcome to NetAnalysis® version 3.8. This version brings comprehensive support for the latest browsing technologies, ensuring you stay ahead in uncovering crucial digital evidence. With the addition of 24 new browser versions, NetAnalysis® v3.8 offers an extensive scope for investigation, enabling you to explore a wider array of digital footprints and extract valuable insights efficiently.

NetAnalysis v3.7

  • Change Log v3.7Welcome to NetAnalysis® Version 3.7. In this latest version, we are thrilled to unveil a range of cutting-edge enhancements and refinements, cementing our position as the forefront provider of browser forensic analysis tools. From advanced decoding capabilities for Twitter Snowflake IDs to comprehensive support for over 100 new browser versions across multiple platforms, this update empowers digital forensic investigators with unparalleled insights and efficiency. Additionally, our identificatio

NetAnalysis v3.6

  • Change Log v3.6Welcome to NetAnalysis® Version 3.6. We are excited to present this latest update, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your browsing data analysis experience.

NetAnalysis v3.5

  • Change Log v3.5We are thrilled to announce the release of NetAnalysis® v3.5. This version introduces an array of exciting new support and noteworthy improvements that will elevate your browser forensic analysis to unprecedented levels. Our team has been hard at work to deliver a cutting-edge update that empowers you with enhanced capabilities and support for the latest browsers. In this release, we have introduced several new features that cater to the evolving landscape of digital platforms.

Recently Updated

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