NetAnalysis v1.50
Date   : 2010-03-23 15:41:32
File   : NetAnalysis-v1.50-win32-1.50.10082.102.exe
Size   : 6,093,504 (5.81 MB)
Build  : 1.50.10082.102      
MD5    : 1e7ea5519c15964645196f7a64389389
SHA1   : 54eb8660e459aeca8dda2da14c334f4a5f0e5d0e
SHA256 : 9ccdda01a55940e20fe2b515610dbc991a7e7c0748eb94afa99d4c07f38a995b
SHA384 : eb30528aeae416ad2eb2c4d7448e4f0595613f3117db2a81b1807b36b6219c738b08f279066eb565b5c1fe14df0ec452
SHA512 : b7419eed509023b0b4fcfcdad6853a304f9218e2b673ec8661e625c51e17d989d13234779e1f42dbcc2009b4c4fdd2301b4c2a1e1be580d6492720ee24bd2a7e


Change: Added support for Firefox v3 History and Cache
Change: Added support for Big Endian Netscape Communicator
Change: Added support for Avant Browser
Change: Added support for Flock Browser
Change: Added support for Orca Browser
Change: Added support for HstEx v3 Yahoo! BT recovery
Change: Added support for Safari Binary PLIST
Change: Added support for Yahoo! BT Browser
Change: Netscape extractor rewritten
Change: AOL ARL extractor rewritten
Change: Netscape 4 extractor rewritten
Change: Safari XML Plist extraction rewritten
Change: Opera v9-10 History extraction rewritten
Change: Internet Explorer v5-8 extraction engine rewritten
Change: Internet Explorer v4 extraction engine rewritten
Change: Internet Explorer v3 extraction engine rewritten
Change: Firefox v1-2 history extraction engine rewritten
Change: Redirects now resolved on intact IE index.dat files showing where user was redirected to and date/times
Change: 40 new fields added to workspace
Change: New Active Bias column to make time zone issues easier to identify
Change: NetAnalysis now Vista / Windows 7 aware
Change: Enhanced URL corruption detection and flagging
Change: Additional field extraction added to IE v5-8 extraction

Cache Extraction and Page Rebuilding

Change: Page rebuilding engine rewritten - now more efficient and accurate
Change: Exported Cache items categorised by extension
Change: Added page rebuilding for Netscape Navigator (LE/BE)
Change: Added page rebuilding for Firefox v1-3
Change: Right click on cached item: Open Containing Folder – opens cache folder and select cached item
Change: Right click > Open containing folder added to allow opening the cache folder and auto-selecting the cached file
Change: QDV Viewer re-written from scratch and now uses new HTML rendering engine
Change: QDV now shows in the taskbar when loaded
Change: QDV now has a View Source menu option
Change: QDV can be closed by hitting Escape (much easier for multiple rebuilt web-page review)
Change: New HTML formatted Page Rebuilding Log with additional information and a full audit of the page rebuild
Change: Page rebuilding - pages exported to external folder on rebuild


Change: Enhanced error logging with option to not report further errors that session (only log)
Change: New enhanced audit logging function
Change: Review error logs - Help > Error Logging

Workspace / Database

Change: Workspace format rewritten and extension changed to .netx
Change: 40 new fields added


Change: Case properties and NetAnalysis properties are now merged together in Tools > Options
Change: All supported History types are now accessible from the Open History Dialogue filter
Change: Process status updated and enhanced
Change: Result screen shows import summary when data imported
Change: Result screen reports time zone issues when data import completed
Change: Exit status of main form saved (Minimised, full screen etc.)
Change: When column header is clicked – the left most column does not reset to column zero
Change: When column header clicked - sort order is remember during subsequent filters
Change: When URL Examination Window is visible, filtered keywords are highlighted for easy identification
Change: Tools > Open export folder menu item added to go directly to the location of exported items and evidence
Change: User settings saved to XML configuration file and not the registry
Change: User settings saved per user profile
Change: URL View window remembers status and height
Change: Options forms redesigned for easier user configuration
Change: Open/Save file dialogue boxes are now centred and remember settings
Change: NetAnalysis now remembers which columns were showing between sessions


Change: When generating a report, user is prompted for missing case/suspect/exhibit information
Change: Reports updated and reformatted
Change: ISO 8601 date/time format added to date formatting

Time Zone

Change: User can set suspect Time Zone rather than apply a bias
Change: Dynamic Daylight Saving for accurate date/time conversion
Change: Default Time Zone information now extracted from system registry
Change: Time Zone active bias reporting in the status column deprecated and added to the Active Bias column
Change: Time Zone - can now set no adjustment for debugging and verifying


Change: SQL Query Manager redesigned
Change: Example SQL Queries re-written for new database fields
Change: Filter ‘Filter Live Web Pages (F6)’ added
Change: Filter ‘Filter Live Cache Entries (CTRL + F6)’ added
Change: Filter form redesigned
Change: Filter by selection on right click added
Change: Filter by date remembered from search to search until cleared
Change: Filter Boolean fields with 1 or 0 for true and false
Change: Column sort order remembered between filters


Change: All executables (including setup) are digitally signed using Microsoft Authenticode technology
Change: Licence Management Utility added
Change: Setup now supports multiple languages
Change: Setup now supports custom installations
Change: Installation folder to {pf32}\Digital Detective\NetAnalysis (can coexist with previous version)
Change: Default time zone setting is the system setting on install
Change: date/format set to system date format when launched for the first time

HstEx v3

Change: HstEx v3: Now supports EnCase evidence files
Change: HstEx v3: Added support for segmented DD image files
Change: HstEx v3: Output changed to make it more efficient and accurate
Change: HstEx v3: Original image metadata imported into audit log
Change: H070016 Segmented Image Files - need to start from *.000 as well as *.001
Change: Extraction of HstEx v3 metadata which related to original evidence

New Features

Change: N090105 Request for 'extension' column, so that files can be sorted by extension
Change: N080085 Time Zone changed to take into account dynamic DST
Change: N070076 All open/save dialogues remember previous locations
Change: N070069 Filter text box now remembers last 15 searches (available on drop down)
Change: N060052 Set default date/time formats from system locale
Change: N060016 Page rebuilding for Firefox Cache v1-3 added
Change: N060005 Pages rebuilt with relative paths so output folder can be moved to other locations
Change: N060003 Original HTML page is not edited during page rebuild
Change: H060001 HstEx v3 files contain original offset from image/disk

Bug Fixes

Bugfix: H090019 HstEx Runtime Error 13 on 64bit Windows when select Physical Devices
Bugfix: N090109 In SQL Query form, checking the SQL always returns 'Query Valid' even when it is not
Bugfix: N090104 Demo mode will not work in Vista unless run in Administrator Mode
Bugfix: N090105 Grid data not copying to the clipboard correctly where row has bitmap in it
Bugfix: N090101 Page titles missing from some pages
Bugfix: N080083 Leak entries do not always extract with a date/time
Bugfix: N080079 Err scheme not being recognised
Bugfix: N070078 Export > Save As Dialogue not showing Workspace Filename
Bugfix: N070077 CSV columns do not always align
Bugfix: N070073 ms-help scheme not recognised
Bugfix: N070070 Workspace extensions are not correctly registered on setup
Bugfix: N070062 Problem with some URL filenames on IE7 extraction
Bugfix: N070058 Res scheme not recognised
Bugfix: N070057 Fixed issue where large numbers of INDEX.DAT extraction (3700+) caused a crash
Bugfix: N070056 Tag column not displaying correctly in foreign language systems
Bugfix: N060051 Corrupt entries in host list window causing crash
Bugfix: N060030 Invalid SQL patterns causing error 93
Bugfix: N100114 Boolean fields in workspace don't work correctly with non English language settings