NetAnalysis® v2.1
Date   : 2015-02-16 14:44:11
File   : NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.1.15047.10.exe
Size   : 44,006,472 (41.97 MB)
Build  : 2.1.15047.10                                      
MD5    : 7b51654371432874149a6a0b77f523ec
SHA1   : aefcb07763e53b2a5553df9aa0b07397c2b2563c
SHA256 : f720b2b8030c9bb48de18b537b3b7270a502de96a2a4e0876af4d95bc19547d5
SHA384 : 081a5ec2e951c6353d08e87127a1927da04baac7ff384d693047d4a816042242d3cb67155350399c5284d4756b81777b
SHA512 : b171a70daf637f1765a331b62568710040ec83bed6c1fcc27c66dfd752c19595537f62df16bef9b68e06b69ba2d134959ae1a290ad6902a1d11a196b876c0236


This release brings a number of significant new features and support. We have added support for a number of new browsers, added support for changes made to the most popular browsers as well as extending support to include new artefacts.

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase. If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version

New Features

  • [NET-977] - Added support for Opera Presto search_field_history.dat
  • [NET-983] - Added support for Mozila Firefox Cache v2 orphaned and doomed entries
  • [NET-987] - Added support for Google EI Parameter Decoding
  • [NET-990] - Added support for decrypting usernames and passwords in Mozilla Firefox, Sea Monkey, Pale Moon, Wyzo, Comodo IceDragon and K-Meleon
  • [NET-997] - Added support for reading Firefox v32+ logins.json
  • [NET-999] - Added support for Opera v15+ favorites.db
  • [NET-1000] - Added support for Chromium Based Shortcuts
  • [NET-1001] - Added support for Safari ReadingList.plist
  • [NET-1003] - Added support for Firefox moz_hosts from places.sqlite
  • [NET-1004] - Added support for Firefox moz_inputhistory from places.sqlite
  • [NET-1006] - Added support for Torch accelerated_downloads in History database
  • [NET-1008] - Added support for Mozilla Android Key4.db decryption
  • [NET-1010] - Added support for Chromium keywords in Web Data
  • [NET-1011] - Added support for Chromium autofill_profiles_ in Web Data
  • [NET-1012] - Added support for Chromium credit_cards in Web Data
  • [NET-1013] - Added support for K-Meleon browser v1-74
  • [NET-1014] - Added support for SRWare Iron browser v0-38
  • [NET-1015] - Added support for new field foreign_count in Firefox v34+ moz_places
  • [NET-1016] - Added support for moz_disabledHosts table in Mozilla based signons.sqlite database
  • [NET-1017] - Added support for Firefox v1-2 cache v1
  • [NET-1018] - Added support for Firefox v33 - 35
  • [NET-1019] - Added support for Google Chrome v38 - 40
  • [NET-1020] - Added support for Opera Blink v25 - 26
  • [NET-1021] - Added support for Comodo Dragon v34 - 36
  • [NET-1022] - Added support for Pale Moon v25
  • [NET-1023] - Added support for Torch Browser v34 - 36
  • [NET-1053] - Added support for Safari 8 Changes


  • [NET-979] - Progress form shows warning summary entry on completion if errors encountered during processing
  • [NET-981] - URL examiner encoding now set to that of current case
  • [NET-982] - Cookie examiner encoding now set to that of current case
  • [NET-984] - Increased evaluation period from 14 days to 21 days
  • [NET-995] - Decoding routines now use the codepage for the case
  • [NET-1007] - Improved Firefox Cache v2 handling (including recovery of MFT resident data entries, orphaned and doomed entries)
  • [NET-1026] - Added support for meta_info field in Opera v15 thumbnails.db
  • [NET-1052] - Added new example report templates
  • [NET-1059] - Added support for alternative timestamp format in date_created field in logins table of Chromium Login Data database
  • [NET-1062] - Original row ID now added to SQLite record recovery
  • [NET-1063] - Added new filters
  • [NET-1064] - Added new layout files
  • [NET-1065] - Added new keyword lists

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-976] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow importing HstEx® recovery file containing Internet Explorer v5 corrupt data
  • [NET-980] - Invalid codepage error message processing recovered corrupt IE download record
  • [NET-985] - Error log double entries
  • [NET-996] - Safari webpage preview JPEG image handling (now displays JPEG image if the PNG is missing)
  • [NET-1005] - Pale Moon v24 cookie expiry date field handling issue
  • [NET-1024] - Incorrect identification of virtual environment in evaluation mode
  • [NET-1025] - Object reference not set to an instance of an object when exporting data to TLN export format when URL was empty
  • [NET-1054] - Text box intermittent response to CTRL+A or CTRL+C