Release Notes for NetAnalysis® Version 3.2

NetAnalysis® version 3.2 adds further support for mobile and desktop browsers. We have added new support for:

New Features

  • Support for Sleipnir Mobile on iOS
  • Support for Sleipnir Mobile on Android
  • Apple Safari v15 Tabs on macOS and iOS
  • Mime HTML indexing
  • PNG export from Viewer
  • Mime HTML export from Viewer
  • Opera Mini on Android Saved Pages

  • Microsoft Edge Custom Autofill

  • Mozilla Firefox Logins on Android and iOS

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: NetAnalysis® v3.2 Change Log.

Release Notes for HstEx® Version 5.2

Don't forget to review the release notes for HstEx® which can be found here: HstEx v5.2 Release Notes.