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NetAnalysis® v2.7
Release Date: 2017-10-16
Build: 2.7.17289.3
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.7.17289.3.exe   Length: 50.1 MB
MD5:  2b-a4-5f-9b-64-24-25-a0-8d-34-ec-02-5e-e9-35-b2

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation version links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This release of NetAnalysis® brings new support for browsers such as Cyberfox, IceCat and Waterfox.

New Features

  • [NET-1325] - Support for 360 Browser / 360 Speed/Extreme Browser: last_urls table in History database
  • [NET-1359] - Support for Microsoft Edge Top Sites
  • [NET-1365] - Support for Microsoft Edge Pinned Tabs
  • [NET-1390] - Support for WebM video file format
  • [NET-1547] - Support for Microsoft Edge v40
  • [NET-1556] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v54
  • [NET-1557] - Support for Mozilla Firefox updated version of Cache v2 Cache
  • [NET-1558] - Support for Vivaldi v1.10
  • [NET-1560] - Support for Opera v46
  • [NET-1562] - Support for SRWare Iron v59
  • [NET-1563] - Support for Yandex v17.6 (v58)
  • [NET-1571] - Support for Google Chrome v60
  • [NET-1572] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v55
  • [NET-1573] - Support for Yandex v17.7 (v59)
  • [NET-1574] - Support for Pale Moon v27.4
  • [NET-1575] - Support for K-Meleon v76
  • [NET-1576] - Support for favicons.sqlite database (from Firefox v55)
  • [NET-1577] - Support for Sleipnir Sleipnir.sqlite database
  • [NET-1578] - Support for Brave Browser v0.18
  • [NET-1579] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.46
  • [NET-1580] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.48
  • [NET-1581] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v52
  • [NET-1584] - Support for new/updated v25 Microsoft Edge Favorites
  • [NET-1585] - Support for Vivaldi v1.11
  • [NET-1586] - Support for Comodo Dragon v58
  • [NET-1587] - Support for Opera v47
  • [NET-1588] - Support for SRWare Iron v60
  • [NET-1592] - Support for Yandex v17 Chromium based Simple Cache
  • [NET-1597] - Support for UC Browser v7
  • [NET-1598] - Support for Google Chrome v61
  • [NET-1607] - Support for Opera v48
  • [NET-1609] - Support for Google Chrome updated version of Simple Cache
  • [NET-1610] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v56
  • [NET-1611] - Support for Vivaldi v1.12
  • [NET-1613] - Support for SRWare Iron v61
  • [NET-1614] - Support for GNU IceCat
  • [NET-1616] - Support for Waterfox
  • [NET-1617] - Support for Cyberfox
  • [NET-1619] - Temporarily prevent machine from going to sleep


  • [NET-1060] - Support for Mozilla Cache v2 with missing index file

  • [NET-1582] - Improved content detection for SVG

  • [NET-1608] - Add warning for Tab Sessions with no TL Streams

  • [NET-1612] - Copy cell date/time values to use format set by user

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1593] - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  • [NET-1594] - Apple WebKit/Safari WebpageIcons.db SourceOffset field empty

  • [NET-1595] - System.NullReferenceException when importing recovered Tab Sessions

  • [NET-1602] - Opera on Linux being identified as generic Chromium Based

  • [NET-1603] - Menu item incorrectly enabled when no workspace loaded

  • [NET-1604] - Culture (0x00) is an invalid culture identifier

  • [NET-1605] - Browser Version not set when unable to recognise browser paths

  • [NET-1615] - Mozilla Based browsers on Linux data paths not the same across all versions
  • [NET-1621] - Mozilla Based Pale Moon user profile path missing for Mac OS X