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NetAnalysis® v2.6
Release Date: 2017-06-13
Build: 2.6.17164.9
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.6.17164.9.exe   Length: 50.0 MB
MD5:  1f-71-4c-14-39-0c-a2-48-69-cf-dc-7a-3a-de-da-f7

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation version links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This release of NetAnalysis® brings support for two new browsers and new artefacts for existing browsers as well as adding support for the Chromium Simple Cache for HTTP. Another key feature is support for Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge Recovery Store, Tab Session, Travel Log and Roaming Tab Sessions.

New Features

  • [NET-311] - Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge Recovery Store, Tab Session and Travel Log
  • [NET-1068] - Support for Mozilla permissions.sqlite
  • [NET-1210] - Support for Internet Explorer Tab Roaming
  • [NET-1391] - Support for detection of Chrome Dictionary File during export
  • [NET-1430] - Support for Vivaldi v1.5
  • [NET-1431] - Support for Google Chrome Simple Cache for HTTP
  • [NET-1432] - Support for Pale Moon v27
  • [NET-1433] - Support for Google Chrome v55
  • [NET-1439] - Support for Opera v42
  • [NET-1441] - Support for Vivaldi v1.6
  • [NET-1442] - Support for UC Browser v6
  • [NET-1443] - Support for SRWare Iron v55
  • [NET-1444] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v50
  • [NET-1446] - Support for Google Chrome v56
  • [NET-1447] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v51
  • [NET-1449] - Support for Yandex v17 (v55)
  • [NET-1451] - Support for Brotli decompression
  • [NET-1452] - Support for Opera v43
  • [NET-1458] - Support for SRWare Iron v56
  • [NET-1459] - Support for Vivaldi v1.7
  • [NET-1461] - Support for Torch v55
  • [NET-1465] - Support for Google Chrome v57
  • [NET-1477] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v52
  • [NET-1479] - Support for Opera v44
  • [NET-1491] - Support for Comodo Dragon v55
  • [NET-1492] - Support for SRWare Iron v57
  • [NET-1493] - Support for Vivaldi v1.8
  • [NET-1494] - Support for Yandex v17.3 (v56)
  • [NET-1495] - Support for Pale Moon v27.2
  • [NET-1498] - Support for Google Chrome v58
  • [NET-1499] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v53
  • [NET-1503] - Support for Vivaldi Notes JSON file
  • [NET-1504] - Support for Vivaldi v1.9
  • [NET-1512] - Support for Yandex v17.4 (v57)
  • [NET-1513] - Support for Pale Moon v27.3
  • [NET-1515] - Support for 360 Security Browser v9
  • [NET-1517] - Support for SRWare Iron v58
  • [NET-1518] - Support for Opera v45
  • [NET-1519] - Support for Opera Neon v1
  • [NET-1520] - Support for 360 Speed/Extreme Browser v9
  • [NET-1521] - Support for Comodo Dragon v57
  • [NET-1549] - Support for Tab Roaming MachineInfo.dat
  • [NET-1550] - Support for Brave Browser v0 - 1
  • [NET-1551] - Support for Google Chrome v59


  • [NET-1310] - Improved support for CoolNovo v1
  • [NET-1324] - Show all records - single action to clear filter and search
  • [NET-1392] - Support for new Microft Edge/Google Chrome URL schemes
  • [NET-1427] - Allow reports to run containing data from a Search
  • [NET-1445] - Support for Google Chrome Cache v2 Sparse Data Control Information
  • [NET-1455] - Content detection engine improvement
  • [NET-1468] - support for "data-src" attribute during page rebuilding
  • [NET-1469] - support for "data-thumb" attribute during page rebuilding
  • [NET-1473] - support for "srcset" attribute during page rebuilding
  • [NET-1471] - Support for rebuilding and extraction of Range_ sparse entries
  • [NET-1478] - Support for Open Type and Embedded Open Type Font detection
  • [NET-1488] - Improve all Google Chrome cache readers by logging all timestamps to Information field
  • [NET-1489] - Improve all Mozilla Firefox cache readers by logging all timestamps to Information field
  • [NET-1490] - Improve Mozilla Firefox V2 cache reader by logging file versions to Information field
  • [NET-1502] - Google Chrome Cookies database cookies table firstpartyonly field usage change
  • [NET-1505] - Simple History Report similar to NetAnalysis v1 "Print - Current to PDF"
  • [NET-1506] - Exporting functionality to only contain data records currently in grid
  • [NET-1507] - Time zone misconfiguration status changed from Error to Warning
  • [NET-1508] - Right click - Filter by Host
  • [NET-1509] - Column: Save and load layout to file

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1371] - Invalid cache file metadata value whilst reading live Firefox cache v2
  • [NET-1386] - Conversion from string to type 'Integer' is not valid when parsing some corrupt Internet Explorer data
  • [NET-1434] - Incorrect date conversion when processing some Opera Developer cookie data where mixed timestamps were used
  • [NET-1436] - Mozilla Firefox reading list excerpt data not being added to Index Text panel
  • [NET-1437] - Apple Safari TopSites.plist BannedURLStrings webpage preview not being added to HTML Viewer panel
  • [NET-1438] - Google Chrome Web Data server address and server credit card data not being added to Index Text panel
  • [NET-1440] - Apple Safari History.db webpage preview not being exported and added to HTML Viewer panel
  • [NET-1448] - OutOfMemoryException exporting very large numbers of cache
  • [NET-1450] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow during import of corrupt Internet Explorer v7 data
  • [NET-1453] - Block length does not match with its complement in DeflateStream
  • [NET-1467] - Not finding cached entries with URL prefix during page rebuilding
  • [NET-1483] - MySqlException after making changes to Options Form
  • [NET-1484] - Case reference not persisted if remember case reference checked
  • [NET-1485] - MySQL Error when importing data where 'AbsolutePath' column greater than maximum length allowed for MySQL TEXT data type
  • [NET-1500] - Issue with Opera Shortcuts database version number
  • [NET-1501] - Panels not updating with selected row when keyword search result executed