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NetAnalysis® v2.3
Release Date: 15th October 2015
Build: 2.3.15288.9
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.3.15288.9.exe   Length: 45.0 MB
MD5:  c9-1c-bc-65-58-61-1d-5e-d6-98-ee-fd-58-7b-27-e7

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation version links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This version of NetAnalysis® brings official support for installing on Microsoft Windows 10 as well as support for the new Microsoft Edge Legacy browser.

New Features

  • [NET-1145] - Support for Installation on Windows 10
  • [NET-1146] - Support for Microsoft Edge Browser
  • [NET-1148] - Support for Microsoft Edge Downloads
  • [NET-1149] - Support for new Microsoft Edge related URI schemes
  • [NET-1150] - Support for Opera v31
  • [NET-1152] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v40
  • [NET-1153] - Support for Microsoft Edge Reading Lists
  • [NET-1158] - Rebuild Microsoft Edge Reading List html Files
  • [NET-1166] - Support for WOFF File Format 2.0
  • [NET-1169] - Support for Google Chrome v45
  • [NET-1174] - Support for Opera v32
  • [NET-1175] - Support for Firefox Reading Lists
  • [NET-1177] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v41


  • [NET-1099] - Support for BLOB Scheme
  • [NET-1155] - Improve logging when dealing with ESE/SQLite databases
  • [NET-1159] - Identify Microsoft Edge Favorite files
  • [NET-1161] - Improved Time Zone error reporting
  • [NET-1163] - Ability to select and copy multiple entries in the progress window
  • [NET-1164] - Ability to save log from progress window
  • [NET-1179] - Support for Mozilla Firefox favicons in SVG format
  • [NET-1180] - Favicon displayed in the Viewer window for all records with EntryType.Favicon

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1108] - NullReferenceException when moving/resizing search index form with keydown
  • [NET-1111] - Clock tamper in evaluation mode
  • [NET-1147] - Licence error when run on VMWare
  • [NET-1165] - AccessViolationException when AVG installed (issue with AVG - now resolved)
  • [NET-1167] - PathTooLongException when recursively searching file system
  • [NET-1168] - Improved detection for Virtual Box
  • [NET-1170] - Problem calculating time zone active bias from some daily records
  • [NET-1171] - Browser version for Safe Browsing Cookies not correctly identified
  • [NET-1178] - Graphical reports showing as invalid