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Offline Cached Web Page Viewing

NetAnalysis® version 3.3 introduces a major change in the way we handle and process cached content. Previous versions of the application would rebuild cached web pages and convert them to local versions using locally extracted cached content. As Web Pages become more sophisticated, this method may not always produce the best results, hence the need to evolve.

With version 3.3, we no longer rebuild web pages using this methodology. Instead, we process the requests from our built-in browser component (which is based on Google Chrome) and provide the cached content directly from the browser's cache. Therefore, as the browser loads the page, it parses the various elements and requests the content it requires to render the page on screen. We take those requests and find the data in the browser's cache, serving it back to the browser. We have also introduced a Cache Monitor window so you can see what the browser is requesting from the cache. This means that the cache no longer has to be extracted and the web pages rebuilt before you view them.

This new methodology has also allowed us to effectively deal with client and server side redirects. When our HTTP response to the browser indicates the content is subject to a server side redirect, the browser can then re-request the content from the corresponding new cache location. Client side redirects are already dealt with by our browser component. This delivers a considerable enhancement to the ability of NetAnalysis® to display cached web pages.

New Features

We have added support for 223 new browser artefacts. We have also made some user interface enhancements and added new cache reading and extraction support:

  • New Filter Menus: Live Cached Web Pages (Ctrl + W), Live Cached Images and Live Files.

  • New Filters for Secure Cookies and HTTP Only Cookies.
  • New Cache Monitor window for monitoring cache extraction.
  • Support for WebKit2 Network Disk Cache.
  • Support for reading and extracting data from Apple Web Archive files.

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: NetAnalysis® v3.3 Change Log.

Release Notes for HstEx® Version 5.3

Don't forget to review the release notes for HstEx® which can be found here: HstEx v5.3 Release Notes and Change Log.