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NetAnalysis® v1.54
Date   : 2012-05-24 13:47:52
File   : NetAnalysis-v1.54-win32-1.54.12145.45.exe
Size   : 9,334,424 (8.90 MB)
Build  : 1.54.12145.45       
MD5    : acb38537841a5a64516252f300c9bcd2
SHA1   : e8d5d3db40a6bfdf13abf7e68812e34b31383272
SHA256 : 35529386e1fd46f23f278fc71512d0666f9c5ebbbaa738b5d6fd1cfe3155929e
SHA384 : 0d957aed7b405e167eced60c3fb54b2556faa53ceb8b56e20cc86c918d196bbd0c430e7f6bef28bed52550e68569d66f
SHA512 : 3a5332dbe57b34e8672b99bd615d7ea19f81e469d5c9cc8975a9a9ee93f543a5a2d5f55c63ceed3ac3357dc89c4194ad7cbf912469c42ac273e3e1326e0a3bf7

New Feature

  • [NET-157] - Added support for Firefox formhistory.sqlite file (moz_formhistory)
  • [NET-165] - Updated licence detection routines
  • [NET-183] - Added URN field to the Advanced Report for cross-referencing
  • [NET-185] - Added the ability to tag all filtered records with the same bookmark text (and remove all bookmarks from filtered records)
  • [NET-196] - Added support for Firefox downloads from downloads.sqlite
  • [NET-244] - Added support to export c2body Page Content from the History Index YYYY-MM file (pages_content)
  • [NET-248] - Added support for Google Chrome History Page Transitions
  • [NET-249] - Added support for HstEx v3.8 AFF image processed data
  • [NET-253] - Added support for Google Chrome Web Data file (autofill)
  • [NET-254] - Added support for Google Chrome History Index YYYY-MM files (pages_content)
  • [NET-255] - Added support for Google Chrome Archived History file
  • [NET-256] - Added support for Google Chrome Login Data file (logins)
  • [NET-282] - Added support for Firefox v12 moz-page-thumb entries


  • [NET-188] - File » Open History filters updated for new file support
  • [NET-236] - Internet Explorer title block visit count (can recover IE secondary hit count object)
  • [NET-237] - Ability to read AFF metadata from HstEx file format v3
  • [NET-243] - Application error message box updated with new Knowledge Base links
  • [NET-245] - Source file version identification and reporting enhanced
  • [NET-258] - Error log name updated with a more user friendly date time format
  • [NET-271] - Ability to sort fields in SQL query builder
  • [NET-275] - Ability to filter and rebuild selected cached pages or objects
  • [NET-286] - Token column added (URL category column has been replaced by the Token column.  URL category was reserved for later use and is currently not required)

Bug Fix

  • [NET-189] - "ReadingFirefox v 1-2 History" typo - space missing between Reading and Firefox
  • [NET-197] - Broken quick start guide link in program shortcuts
  • [NET-198] - Time zone warnings not generated for HstEx import on Daily INDEX.DAT records
  • [NET-199] - Incorrect description on SQL example files when viewed in Explorer shell
  • [NET-241] - Results window warning not clearing down after warning being displayed
  • [NET-247] - Crash processing Safari v5.1 cache.db file due to changes in file format
  • [NET-251] - Issue opening SQLite databases on read-only media if Write Ahead Logging (WAL) version
  • [NET-257] - Crash when reading cache map from Firefox Cache.Trash or Cache.Trash_000 folder
  • [NET-265] - Error log file size not capped
  • [NET-267] - Licence 'Valid From' date incorrect on USB dongle licence
  • [NET-272] - Search for a URN with an exact match search causes an exception
  • [NET-274] - Export folder greyed out if further data is imported without setting
  • [NET-278] - Hostnames not being resolved with wyciwyg Firefox entries
  • [NET-280] - Firefox v12 is misrepresenting moz-page-thumbnail PNG files as cached web pages which is causing page rebuilding to fail
  • [NET-281] - Firefox v3.6 sign-ons table schema change raises an exception