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NetAnalysis® v2.12
Release Date: 2020-06-18
Build: 2.12.20170.8
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.12.20170.8.exe   Length: 103.4 MB
MD5:  e2-36-36-ef-d4-ce-c3-42-5b-30-6a-2f-e5-30-fb-a3

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This release of NetAnalysis® adds support for another two browsers, namely AVG Secure Browser and Min Browser. We have also added support for thirty-eight new versions of other browsers.

New Features

  • [NET-1061] - Ability to View Data URLs in Internal Viewer
  • [NET-1659] - Support for Reporting Expressions
  • [NET-2052] - Support for Yandex browser Ya Passman Data
  • [NET-2068] - Support for SRWare Iron v80
  • [NET-2069] - Support for Avast Secure Browser v80
  • [NET-2070] - Support for CCleaner Browser v80
  • [NET-2080] - Support for Yandex v20.3 (v80)
  • [NET-2081] - Support for AVG Secure Browser v80
  • [NET-2083] - Support for Brave v1.5
  • [NET-2084] - Support for Basilisk v2020.03.11
  • [NET-2085] - Support for Waterfox Classic v2020.03.1
  • [NET-2086] - Support for Waterfox Current v2020.03
  • [NET-2087] - Support for Pale Moon v28.9
  • [NET-2088] - Support for Opera GX Browser v67
  • [NET-2089] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v75
  • [NET-2090] - Support for Microsoft Edge v81
  • [NET-2091] - Support for Cốc Cốc v86
  • [NET-2092] - Support for Basilisk v2020.04.15
  • [NET-2093] - Support for Waterfox Current v2020.04
  • [NET-2094] - Support for Waterfox Classic v2020.04
  • [NET-2097] - Support for Vivaldi v3.0
  • [NET-2098] - Support for Brave v1.7
  • [NET-2099] - Support for Yandex v20.4 (v81)
  • [NET-2100] - Support for Opera v68
  • [NET-2103] - Support for AVG Secure Browser v81
  • [NET-2104] - Support for CCleaner Browser v81
  • [NET-2105] - Support for Avast Secure Browser v81
  • [NET-2106] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v76
  • [NET-2110] - Support for Apple Safari Permissions.plist
  • [NET-2114] - Support for Apple Safari RecentlyClosedTabs.plist
  • [NET-2115] - Support for Google Chrome v83
  • [NET-2116] - Support for Chromium Browser v83
  • [NET-2117] - Support for Opera GX Browser v68
  • [NET-2118] - Support for SRWare Iron v81
  • [NET-2119] - Support for Microsoft Edge v83
  • [NET-2121] - Support for Microsoft Edge Collections
  • [NET-2123] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v77

  • [NET-2124] - Support for Basilisk v2020.05.08

  • [NET-2125] - Support for Waterfox Classic v2020.05

  • [NET-2126] - Support for Waterfox Current v2020.05

  • [NET-2128] - Support for Min v1.14

  • [NET-2139] - Support for Chromium based Quota Manager

  • [NET-2140] - Support for Yandex v20.6 (v81)

  • [NET-2143] - Support for Vivaldi v3.1


  • [NET-2040] - Indexing of Chrome autofill text
  • [NET-2073] - Updated internal viewer to latest framework version
  • [NET-2102] - Updated save format for report template files
  • [NET-2111] - Improved handling of recovered binary plist data

  • [NET-2132] - Added scrollbar annotations for improved usability

  • [NET-2133] - Added grid hot-track (mouse hover) row highlighting

  • [NET-2145] - Write out plain-text login credentials from Mozilla based browsers for searching and indexing
  • [NET-2146] - Write out plain-text login credentials from Chromium based browsers for searching and indexing

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1797] - Tag not persisting on checked record if selected record not changed
  • [NET-1811] - Content detection issue with some *.weba files
  • [NET-2078] - Chromium based Simple Cache - Out of Memory Exception when processing HTTP data
  • [NET-2095] - Exported data urn issue after importing additional data into re-opened workspace
  • [NET-2101] - Save As dialog filter displaying incorrect filter string for data urls
  • [NET-2113] - NullReferenceException when pressing F3 in View Page Source with no search
  • [NET-2120] - OutOfMemoryException printing large numbers of records to a report
  • [NET-2122] - Detailed Report showing empty date
  • [NET-2136] - Errors during Import from Mounted File System