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This version of NetAnalysis® introduces support for a number of new browsers as well as adding support for the latest release versions of existing browsers which are already supported. The major features for this version includes support for the changes to the latest Mozilla Firefox cache and favicons as well as adding support for processing Mozilla based cache with a missing index file. We have also considerably enhanced our support for Sleipnir.

New Browser Support

We have added support for the following browsers:


Cyberfox is a Mozilla based browser designed by 8pecxstudios™. They claim they take over where Mozilla left off by working to make a fast, stable and reliable 64bit web browser that is accessible to all. It is available for Windows in two processor-specific builds, one optimized for Intel based CPU's, and one optimized for AMD based CPU's. It is also available in x86 versions. Cyberfox is also available for 64bit Linux.

Cyberfox ships with many customizable options allowing the user to personalize their web browsing experience. It has advertising features and components removed that collect information. It also has the ability to turn off the automatic loading of images on the web.


GNU IceCat, formerly known as GNU IceWeasel, is a free web browser distributed by the GNU Project. It is based on the Mozilla platform and is available for installation of GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS and Android.

IceCat includes additional security features such as the option to block third party zero-length image files resulting in third party cookies, also known as web bugs. The software also provides warnings for URL redirection and has functionality to set a different user agent string for different domains.


Waterfox is an open-source web browser based on Mozilla which is available for 64bit Windows, macOS and Linux systems. It has been designed to take advantage of 64bit system architecture and claims to provide speed improvements over Firefox.

Updated Support for Existing Supported Browsers

All of the mainstream browsers have updated their file formats and added new features. In addition to adding new browser support, we have enhanced the support provided for existing browsers:

Mozilla Firefox Cache v2 Missing Index

In the situation where the Index file is not present in the Mozilla cache v2 folder, we have added support for NetAnalysis® v2.7 to process these orphaned entries.

Sleipnir SE

We have considerably enhanced our support for Sleipnir. With added support for the Sleipnir.sqlite database, NetAnalysis® v2.7 now extracts History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Tab Groups, Tab Information and Tab History. We also extract Favicons, History Thumbnails and Tab Previews. The screen below shows a Tab entry with the Preview image displayed.



We have enhanced the copy facility for copying data from cells containing Date/Time information. When the user right clicks on a cell and clicks on the copy command, NetAnalysis® will copy the value to the clipboard in the same date and time format as set in the Options.

Change Log