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BuildRelease Date Software Download Link Manual Download Link
1.53.11280.2537th October 2011 NetAnalysis Manual v1.53

New Feature 

  • Added support for Internet Explorer Downloads v9.0.8112
  • Added support for Apple Safari v5.1
  • Added support for Google Chrome v14
  • Added support for Firefox Cache v4 to 7.0.1
  • Added support for Firefox Sign On
  • Added support for Opera Cache v10.5 to 11.51
  • Added support for Sundial Browser v4.0.1
  • Added “Ends With” option in search form
  • Added redirect flag for Apple Safari redirect records
  • Added find previous tagged record option (Shift + F2)
  • Added Download Path column (replaced Fav Icon column)
  • Added additional fields to the page rebuilding log
  • Manual updated for v1.53


  • [NET-170] - Keyword list to search the Absolute Path as well as URL field
  • [NET-181] - Source cached file added to page rebuild audit log


  • [NET-114] - When checking for updates, the version numbers returned are not correct
  • [NET-128] - Error when Workspace Exceeds 2GB
  • [NET-131] - Database Not Recognized when Maximum Limit Reached
  • [NET-139] - SplitHttpComponent error on some Forefox cache extraction
  • [NET-140] - Maximum Number of HstEx Files Exceeded
  • [NET-141] - IE4 HstEx recovery files not importing
  • [NET-142] - Double clicking on HstEx recovered cache entries incorrectly attempts to view the object
  • [NET-144] - NA fails on extracted Firefox hstx files with corrupt RFC822 dates
  • [NET-146] - New dongle detection routines to prevent dongle missing error
  • [NET-156] - Ampersands in licence name not displaying correctly
  • [NET-164] - Options » Case Settings » Investigation not disabled when empty file imported
  • [NET-166] - Typing error in HTTP RESPONSE field header
  • [NET-167] - Out of memory error for Google Chrome cache extraction containing SSLHostInfo records
  • [NET-168] - Database not recognized error with Firefox 4 sqlite database
  • [NET-171] - Error thrown if setting export folder is cancelled during export cached items
  • [NET-174] - Out of Memory Error whilst Processing Google Chrome Cache
  • [NET-176] - Error thrown with Firefox Cache Data where dirty bit set
  • [NET-178] - Data type error with some corrupt recovered Safari XML data
  • [NET-179] - Error 20476 THe FileName buffer is too small to store the selected file name(s)
  • [NET-180] - Application hangs when parsing corrupt RFC822 timestamps