Release Notes for NetAnalysis® Version 3.6

Welcome to NetAnalysis® Version 3.6. We are excited to present this latest update, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your browser data, forensic analysis experience. New in this release, comprehensive support for Maxthon browser on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

New Features

In this release, we have introduced several new features to help you examine browsing data more comprehensively:

  • Support for Latest Browsers: We have updated NetAnalysis® to ensure compatibility with all the updates and changes present in the latest browsers, keeping your analysis up to date.

  • Mozilla Firefox on Android Login Exceptions: NetAnalysis® now provides support for examining Mozilla Firefox on Android Login Exceptions, enabling you to gain deeper insights into user activity.

  • Mozilla Firefox on iOS Autofill: With our new support for Mozilla Firefox on iOS Autofill, you can now examine and interpret autofill data effectively.

  • Microsoft Edge on iOS Downloads: Examine Microsoft Edge on iOS Downloads seamlessly with our improved support for this feature.

  • Maxthon Browser: We are excited to announce support for Maxthon Browser on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. You can now examine browsing data from Maxthon Browser on multiple platforms, enhancing your cross-device analysis capabilities.


We have also made significant improvements to enhance your experience and analysis capabilities:

  • Identification of Supported Browser Files: We have improved the identification process of supported browser files, ensuring more accurate and efficient data analysis.

  • QQ Browser on iOS History: Our support and handling for QQ Browser on iOS history have been enhanced, enabling you to extract valuable information from this browser's history more effectively.

  • Text Extraction for Indexing and Searching: Enjoy improved text extraction from supported files, making indexing and searching for specific information even more efficient.

  • Mozilla Firefox Session Store Files: NetAnalysis® now offers enhanced support for Mozilla Firefox session store files, allowing you to delve deeper into session data.

  • Yandex on Android Chromium-based Simple Cache: Examine Yandex on Android Chromium-based Simple Cache data with improved support, enhancing your ability to uncover insights from this browser.

  • Mozilla Firefox on Android Logins: We have refined the processing and handling of Mozilla Firefox on Android Logins, ensuring a smoother analysis experience.

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: Change Log v3.6.

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