BuildRelease Date
1.52.10329.19925th November 2010

 New Feature

  • Added support for USB licence dongle (dongle must contain NetAnalysis or HstEx licence)
  • Added new feature to rebuild all cached pages and export all cached items in one process
  • Added support for all versions of Google Chrome
  • Added Google Chrome Cache Extraction and Page Rebuilding
  • Added Safari Cache Extraction and Page Rebuilding
  • Added support for Firefox v3 Downloads (downloads.sqlite)
  • Added Referring URL for Firefox 3 History
  • Added support for Redirects in Firefox Cache
  • Now Remembers PDF Export Folder
  • Time Zone auto-set for secondary import
  • Time Zone cannot be changed after data has been imported to prevent time zone clashes
  • File » Print now shows print dialogue to allow settings to be modified
  • Print to PDF opens the file at completion of the print
  • Export to CSV function re-enabled
  • Export to CSV, TSV now considerably faster and includes field headers
  • Export functions now have progress indicator
  • Export functions open the export folder on completion and highlight the exported file
  • Keyboard shortcut mappings updated
  • New option to restrict the import data to a date range (useful for eDiscovery restricted date ranges)
  • N100128 F6 reverts to executing a keyword list search as in previous versions
  • N100120 New function - F2 find next tagged record


  • N100126 Prompts to save case information on print if initially set in options
  • N090105 When checking for updates, the version numbers returned are not correct
  • N100121 When no time zone adjustment selected, Microsoft IE weekly records are not imported
  • N100119 Grid does not display all records when very large workspace is loaded
  • N100117 Incorrect TZ warning shown in status column when multiple time zones exist
  • N100116 Incorrect time zone doesn't exist warning when opening a workspace imported in Windows 7
  • N100115 When checking for updates, version numbers not returned correctly
  • N100125 On save workspace "Remove Filter" is disabled if filter is active
  • N100127 Fixed issue with NETX filter not showing other workspaces on save
  • N090112 Issue with Class Not Registered relating to DAO 3.6
  • N100124 Errors reported when running an SQL Query from the Query Builder
  • N100113 Unable to import Firefox/Google Chrome History on mounted read only volume if Journal file exists
  • N100138 Safari Binary PLIST record index does not change
  • N100139 Unable to parse Mozilla moz_places table in Limewire because of missing last_visit_date field