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NetAnalysis® v2.4
Release Date: 29th March 2016
Build: 2.4.16089.10
File: NetAnalysis-x86-EN-2.4.16089.10.exe   Length: 46.9 MB
MD5:  6a-d3-19-c4-60-0a-36-56-8b-b7-a1-91-52-cd-84-ea

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation version links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This release brings support for Google Chrome's History Provider Cache and Network Action Predictors, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge Typed URLs and Bookmarking across the various supported Browsers.

New Features

  • [NET-1027] - Support for Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks
  • [NET-1078] - Support for Chromium Network Action Predictor
  • [NET-1080] - Support for Chromium Bookmarks
  • [NET-1082] - Support for Safari Bookmarks.plist
  • [NET-1085] - Support for Chromium History Provider Cache
  • [NET-1141] - Support for Chromium Extension Cookies
  • [NET-1142] - Support for Safe Browsing Cookies
  • [NET-1182] - Support for Google Protocol Buffers
  • [NET-1183] - Enhanced Support for Chromium Bookmarks
  • [NET-1184] - Support for Netscape Bookmark File Format
  • [NET-1185] - Support for Opera Presto Bookmarks
  • [NET-1187] - Support for Google Chrome v46
  • [NET-1188] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v40
  • [NET-1189] - Support for Comodo Dragon v45
  • [NET-1190] - Support for Comodo Chromodo v45
  • [NET-1192] - Support for Opera v33
  • [NET-1203] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v42
  • [NET-1204] - Support for Opera Bookmarks v15-16 bookmarks.db
  • [NET-1205] - Support for Opera Bookmarks v25+
  • [NET-1208] - Support for Typed URLs
  • [NET-1211] - Support for Opera Presto Notes
  • [NET-1212] - Support for Google Chrome v47
  • [NET-1213] - Support for Comodo Dragon v46
  • [NET-1214] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v42
  • [NET-1215] - Support for Opera v34
  • [NET-1216] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v43
  • [NET-1222] - Support for SRWare Iron v47
  • [NET-1223] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.39
  • [NET-1225] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v44
  • [NET-1226] - Support for Google Chrome v48
  • [NET-1227] - Support for Opera v35
  • [NET-1236] - Support for Google Chrome v49
  • [NET-1237] - Support for Pale Moon v26
  • [NET-1238] - Support for SRWare Iron v48
  • [NET-1239] - Support for Yandex v16 (v47)
  • [NET-1240] - Support for Torch v45
  • [NET-1241] - Support for Comodo Chromodo v48
  • [NET-1242] - Support for Comodo Dragon v48
  • [NET-1243] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v45
  • [NET-1244] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v44
  • [NET-1247] - Support for Opera v36
  • [NET-1250] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.40
  • [NET-1252] - Support for Apple Safari v9
  • [NET-1260] - Ability to save data from examination/decoding window


  • [NET-1191] - Support for Chrome History Table: visit_source
  • [NET-1202] - Expand information on Mozilla Firefox moz-places foreign_count Field
  • [NET-1207] - Select case export folder as default save location for log file

Resolved Issues

  • [NET-1186] - Not importing Comodo IceDragon Reading List
  • [NET-1206] - Protocol message contained an invalid tag
  • [NET-1232] - Mozilla Firefox moz_inputhistory table in places.sqlite database using incorrect data type for use_count field
  • [NET-1248] - Multiple master entries with identical visit date