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New Feature

  • [NET-294] - Added support for reading Google Chrome sparse entries
  • [NET-295] - Added support for Google Chrome IP and port entries from data block


  • [NET-291] - Add full HstEx version string to identify which version of HstEx extracted the data
  • [NET-293] - Improved handling for corrupted Google Chrome cache entry store structure
  • [NET-301] - Column filter bar fields are cleared when main filter is removed


  • [NET-239] - Intermittent error when identifying system time zone on first run on some non-English systems
  • [NET-289] - Unable to update workspace from v1.53 to v1.54 with very large workspaces
  • [NET-290] - HstEx imported data showing the source file and not the source image/disk
  • [NET-305] - Error on Internet Explorer NetAnalysis.Reader.SplitIEHttpComponent with downloads greater than 4GB
  • [NET-306] - Firefox v3.6 moz_formhistory table schema change raises an exception