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Release History and Change Log

The following links will take you to the full release history and change logs for the current major version of HstEx®.

HstEx v5.4

  • Change Log v5.4HstEx® version 5.4 adds support for 96 new artefacts. We have made some improvements, under the hood, with regards to verifying recovered artefacts and improving the efficiency of the Intelli-Carve® engine.

HstEx v5.3

  • Change Log v5.3HstEx® version 5.3 adds support for 223 new artefacts. We have improved the recovery of entries from Chromium based Keyword Search Terms and Quota Manager.

HstEx v5.2

  • Change Log v5.2HstEx® version 5.2 adds further support for mobile and desktop browsers. With this release, we have added Dissenter, Maxthon, Mi and Mint Browsers. The full list of changes is provided below.

HstEx v5.1

  • Change Log v5.1HstEx® version 5.1 continues our quest to add further support for mobile browsers. This release adds four new browsers, namely 7 Star Browser, Naver Whale, Opera Mini and Opera Touch. We have also added additional support for existing browsers and added 53 new recovery profiles. The full list of changes can be found below. For further information, see Release Notes for HstEx® v5.1.

Recently Updated

If you are a customer with a current licence, please use the links you were provided with when you purchased your licence. For security reasons, we do not provide links to software downloads on our website. If you have not got the link, please contact sales or click the button above.

To download the PDF version of the HstEx® User Guide, click the link below.