Release History and Change Log

The following links will take you to the full release history and change logs for the current major version of HstEx®.

HstEx v5.6

  • Change Log v5.6We are pleased to announce the release of HstEx® Version 5.6. This update brings you new features and support, ensuring that you have the latest tools at your disposal for effective digital forensic analysis and browser data recovery.

HstEx v5.5

  • Change Log v5.5HstEx® Version 5.5 includes improved handling of Expert Witness image files as well as improved carving of SQLite database entries. We have also added support for the changes in the latest browsers and made a number of changes to improve the performance of our unique search and recovery routines. You will be pleased with the results as HstEx® is the most comprehensive carver for recovering browser evidence available today.

HstEx v5.4

  • Change Log v5.4HstEx® version 5.4 adds support for 96 new artefacts. We have made some improvements, under the hood, with regards to verifying recovered artefacts and improving the efficiency of the Intelli-Carve® engine.

HstEx v5.3

  • Change Log v5.3HstEx® version 5.3 adds support for 223 new artefacts. We have improved the recovery of entries from Chromium based Keyword Search Terms and Quota Manager.

Recently Updated

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