HstEx® Version 5.8 - Advanced SQLite Record Recovery

We're delighted to introduce HstEx® version 5.8, another milestone in our relentless pursuit of excellence in digital forensic solutions. This release is meticulously crafted to enhance your investigative capabilities, ensuring you extract crucial digital evidence with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Here are the key highlights of this release:

  • Cutting-Edge Browser Support: HstEx® v5.8 features comprehensive support for the latest browsers, enabling you to dissect digital artifacts across a multitude of browsing platforms with utmost accuracy.

  • Advanced SQLite Record Recovery: We have expanded our support for the recovery of essential SQLite records through advanced carving techniques, empowering you to unearth critical insights from even the most intricate digital landscapes.

  • Expanded Browser Version Coverage: With the addition of 24 new browser versions spanning both mobile and desktop platforms, HstEx® v5.8 offers an extensive arsenal for forensic investigation, ensuring no digital trail goes unnoticed.

  • Enhanced Mozilla Firefox Cookie Recovery: Our efforts to refine the recovery of Mozilla Firefox Cookies have borne fruit in this release, providing you with enhanced capabilities to extract valuable data from this crucial artefact.

  • Refined Search Capability: We have fine-tuned our search capability for improved detection and recovery, enhancing the identification of pertinent digital evidence.

  • Optimised SQLite Record Recovery: Building upon our commitment to excellence, we have further improved our SQLite record recovery mechanism, enhancing the precision and reliability of data extraction.

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: HstEx® v5.8 Change Log.

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