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24 May

(warning) This version implements version 3 of the HstEx file format which is supported in NetAnalysis 1.54+.

New Features

  • [HST-47] - Added support for Advanced Forensic Format (including encrypted AFF® image support)
  • [HST-35] - Added support for Google Chrome cache record recovery
  • [HST-57] - Added support for Firefox v12 moz-page-thumb entries


  • [HST-49] - Changed the select source buttons to a single context menu for easier source selection
  • [HST-60] - Internet Explorer search block length parameter increased

Resolved Issues

  • [HST-36] - Updated the logging engine to ensure that all logs get flushed after writes
  • [HST-39] - Crash at the end of pass one when no records have been identified for Firefox v1-2 History

  • [HST-41] - Issue with recovered file counter being updated to correct value after duplicate entry removal has been processed

  • [HST-48] - Crash when reading Logicube Dossier E01 images (non-standard e01 implementation)
  • [HST-51] - Resolved issue with locked files
  • [HST-52] - Crash when launched with a dongle containing licence for Blade only
  • [HST-55] - HstEx does not list physical devices after any device which returns an invalid handle



As this version of HstEx supports AFF, the application implements version 3 of the HstEx file format (HstEx v3.0 - 3.7 uses version 2).  Output files from HstEx v3.8 can only be opened in NetAnalysis v1.54+.