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HstEx® v4.1
Release Date: 16th February 2015
Build: 4.1.15047.15
File: HstEx-x86-EN-4.1.15047.15.exe   Length: 11.0 MB
MD5:  e6-f7-2e-e8-cd-e1-c7-31-a7-4a-82-42-8b-09-01-58

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase. If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


HstEx® v4.1 brings support for a number of new browsers and artefacts including the changes made in Apple Safari v8. All of the SQLite recovery engines have been updated resulting in an increase in performance and accuracy.

New Features

  • [HST-337] - Added support to recover keyword_search_terms for all Chromium based browsers
  • [HST-344] - Added support for SRWare Iron browser v38
  • [HST-346] - Added support for Google Chrome v38 - 40
  • [HST-347] - Added support for Mozilla Firefox v33 - 35
  • [HST-348] - Added support for Comodo Dragon v34 - 36
  • [HST-349] - Added support for Opera Blink v25 - 27
  • [HST-350] - Added support for Pale Moon v25
  • [HST-351] - Added support for Torch v34 - 36
  • [HST-363] - Support for recovery of Safari 8 history_items and history_visits (new file format in Safari v8)


  • [HST-335] - Firefox moz_places database structure has changed in v34
  • [HST-338] - Improved recovery of SQLite record entries (all SQLite recovery engines have been updated)
  • [HST-339] - Added support for SeaMonkey Mozilla cache v2
  • [HST-340] - Updated handling of Mozilla Cache v2 due to changes made in Firefox v33
  • [HST-341] - Improved handling of Safari Binary Plist data
  • [HST-360] - Improved handling for corrupt Binary Plist files

Resolved Issues

  • [HST-332] - Not recovering records with null page titles from moz_places entries
  • [HST-333] - Not recovering Chrome Cookies where encrypted_value BLOB actually contains zero length string
  • [HST-361] - Unable to add job to session database, constraint failed
  • [HST-362] - Incorrect description on SeaMonkey artefacts
  • [HST-364] - Not recovering very large keyword_search_terms
  • [HST-366] - Unable to read beyond the end of the stream when recovering Binary Plist containing corrupt data
  • [HST-368] - Incorrect offsets for SQLite recovery (offset reported was for payload header, not the start of the record)