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Release DateBuild
22nd November 20103.6.10326.1

New Feature

  • Added support to recover Safari Binary PLIST History
  • Added support for USB licence dongle
  • Added a partial recovery option on cancel during the search phase
  • EnCase extraction block size can now be changed from the acquisition block size
  • Unique session folder created for each extraction session
  • Session ID is now in a human readable format
  • Added user option to automatically open Export Folder on completion
  • Supported Files Open File Dialogue Filter Updated

Resolved Issues 

  • [HST-28] - May crash at the end of pass one on physical disks
  • [HST-26] - Crashes when opening a Smart Image (s01) file set
  • [HST-24] - HstEx v3.5 crashes when carving on a mounted VMDK
  • [HST-23] - Missing VMDK from dropdown selection list