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Supported Browser by Version

Table 1 lists the currently supported browsers.  Whilst newer browser versions may work, this is the current list we have tested against.


Browser Version


Microsoft Internet Explorer v4

All INDEX.DAT based records

Microsoft Internet Explorer v5-9

All INDEX.DAT based records

Mozilla Firefox v1-2 File

Firefox v1-2 History / Cache Entries

Mozilla Firefox v1-26 Cache Entries

Firefox v1-26 Cache Entries

Apple Safari (XML) Plist History Entries

Safari XML based PLIST (Early Windows and Apple Mac Versions)

Apple Safari (Binary) Plist History Entries

Safari Binary based PLIST


Google Chrome Cache v2-24

Google Chrome v2-31 cache entries

Opera Blink Cache v15-18Opera Blink v15-18 cache entries

Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox Bookmark Entries

Mozilla based browser Bookmark File


Yahoo! BT Browser History Entries

Yahoo! Browser as provided by British Telecom

Table 1

For supported browser versions in NetAnalysis, please see: Supported Browsers