This is another browser by the Qihoo 360 Software Company. 360 Speed (or Extreme Explorer) Browser is a fast, secure, seamless dual-core Internet browser. Claiming to be the world's first seamless Chrome and Internet Explorer browser, with an innovative UI design, HTML5 and CSS3 support standardisation.

It is based on the Chromium Open Source Project, with claims of lightning speed browsing, comprehensive security features and a rich massive utility expansion. It states it has a super streamlined page layout and innovative integration with the user’s favourite sites.

In order to be more suitable for Chinese domestic users, the use of mouse gestures has been added, a super drag feature, and a restore utility to open closed tabs; there is also an address bar drop-down list. They claim that, by using the original Chromium smooth operating experience it has allowed the browser to give the user the chance to browse the web smoothly, and with peace of mind.