360 Browser is a web browser developed by the Qihoo company of Beijing, China.  It offers page layout using either the Trident engine, as used in Internet Explorer, or the WebKit engine that was adapted for Google Chrome.  It was first released in September 2008. 360 Browser is based on the Chromium source code.

360 Browser is no longer actively developed and appears to have been discontinued at of 10th September 2015. It has now been replaced by 360 Security Browser and 360 Speed (Extreme) Browser.

About Qihoo

The following text has been taken from their web site:

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (Qihoo 360) is a leading Internet platform company in China as measured by active user base. At the end of March 2012, we had about 411 million monthly active Internet users, according to iResearch. Recognizing security as a fundamental need of all Internet and mobile users, we have built our large user base by offering comprehensive, effective and user-friendly Internet and mobile security products and services to protect users' computers and mobile devices against malware and malicious websites. Our products and services are supported by our cloud-based security technology, which we believe is one of the most advanced and robust technologies in the Internet security industry. We also provide users with two very important secure access points to Internet: web browsers and app store. We currently monetize our massive user base primarily through offering online advertising and Internet value-added services.


According to CNZZ, 360 Browser was second only to Internet Explorer in mainland China in 2014.


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