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This release brings a number of significant new features and improvements. We have added support for a number of new browsers as well as making the necessary updates required to support the changes in the main browsers. We have also added support for some new artefacts.

Some of the significant features for this release include support for the automatic decryption of usernames and passwords in Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox on Android, Sea Monkey, Pale Moon, Wyzo, Comodo IceDragon and K-Meleon. We have also added support for the changes made in Apple Safari v8.

New Features

We have added a whole host of new features to this release. The following represents some of the more important changes.

Username and Password Decryption

Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers include a Password Manager that can save the passwords provided by the user as they log in to websites. The Password Manager securely stores the usernames and passwords used to access websites and then automatically fills them in for the user when they next visit the site. For additional security, the user can also set a Master Password to protect the Password Manager. The user is then prompted to enter the Master Password when the browser needs to access the stored passwords. Usernames and passwords are encrypted and stored within the Mozilla profile.

NetAnalysis® v2.1 is now able to decrypt and display the usernames and passwords stored for each web site. The following image shows the NetAnalysis® Information Panel with some decrypted Username and Password values. Also, the entry on line number 1 shows that the Master Password has not been set in this case.

Read more about Username and Password decryption here: Username and Password Decryption.

New Browser Support

In addition to extending support for the existing browsers and their recent changes, we have now added support for two new browsers:

New Artefacts

We have added a number of new browser artefacts to NetAnalysis® v2.1:

The following page provides a full breakdown of these artefacts: New Artefacts in v2.1.


We have also made a number of improvements for this release such as improving the way we deal with encoding throughout the case, improving the way we deal with the new Firefox Cache v2 entries (added support for orphaned and doomed entries), adding new filters, report templates, layout files and keyword lists. We have also increased the evaluation period to 21 days.

Change Log

You can find the complete change log for NetAnalysis® v2.1 here: