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titleHstEx® v5.5
Date   : 2023-06-02 10:52:52
File   : HstEx-x86-EN-5.5.23153.2.exe
Size   : 46,138,448 (44.00 MB)
Build  : 5.5.23153.2                                       
MD5    : 4c399043cf23d0f4abd64d696e22acda
SHA1   : ce551bc375b93a7401974738d80f3ad72faa75d2
SHA256 : 50654373bc5e99c0a0185112db2fe7389c8de66dd21539463ca1739d06bfd668
SHA384 : 106fa52e4ccf824ab928362f8492fd2e4c6dbaebcb82ea299c473166104361bf1dd043db40b272d0b78c7d0ec3e21ef6
SHA512 : 750304b33b87c5cd9d5f8ea876ff5709d0ed22c5c7f48174e9d8e09d3ec9492b960c364e6dac8e29a81394a8643380374306a60ca5c5664f836debbffdabc015



We are pleased to announce the release of HstEx® Version 5.5 , which includes improved handling of Expert Witness image files as well as improved carving of SQLite database entries. We have also added support for the changes in the latest browsers and made a number of changes to improve the performance of our unique search and recovery routines. You will be pleased with the results as HstEx® is the most comprehensive carver for recovering browser evidence available today.