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    Converting an EnCase e01 Image to a Flat File DD Image — From time to time, it may be necessary to convert an EnCase (or other Expert Witness image) back to a standard non-proprietary format.  This Professional Recovery Module is FREE with the purchase of any other professional module.  The E01 Image Converter will take any Expert Witness source image and convert it into a single or segmented flat file image.  The module also has the option to MD5/SHA1 the output and compare it with the hashes embedded within the original image file.
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    Creating Blade Data Recovery Profiles — This article explains how to create a Blade Recovery profile for a bespoke data recovery scenario.  It guides the user through creating a profile and explains the essential elements.
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    Recovering Apple Safari History Binary PList (Property List) Files
    In the Mac OS X Cocoa, NeXTSTEP, and GNUstep programming frameworks, property list files are files that store serialized objects.  Property list files use the filename extension .plist, and are therefore often referred to as plist files.  Property list files are often used to store a user's settings.  They are also used to store information about bundles and applications, a task served by the resource fork in the old Mac OS.
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    Recovery of AOL PFC Email Messages from a Segmented Disk Image — AOL email messages contain many different elements such as compressed and non-contiguous data blocks.  Embedded attachments can be split and have to be stitched back together.  When this module was originally designed, the goal was not to recover live and deleted email messages from a Personal Filing Cabinet, but to be able to recover emails from a disk image.  This functionality was originally released to Police Forces all around the world as a tool called EMLXtract.

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