Overview of Blade®

Blade® is a Windows-based, highly configurable, advanced, professional forensic data recovery solution designed to work at a logical level. It supports the raw recovery of data from file systems that are unknown, damaged or incomplete. Blade® supports all of the major forensic image formats and is more than just a data recovery tool.  The professional modules have in-built Intelli-Carve® validation and interpretation routines to assist with accurate data recovery.  Some of the standard profiles also have Intelli-Carve® validated routines (such as the JPEG, MPEG4, 3GP, ZIP and OLE2 Compound Document recovery modules).

Blade® has been designed to process a forensic image, physical/logical disk or binary dump at sector level using a process called data carving. This term is used for extracting structured data out of raw data based on the format specific characteristics present in the structured data. In digital forensics, it is the process of extracting data from a source without the assistance of the file system that created the original file.

The software has been designed for extremely fast/accurate forensic data recovery.  Not only is it highly effective in the pre-analysis stage of a forensic examination, it can be quickly configured to recover bespoke data formats. It has specifically been written for the field of Digital Forensics.

In this section, you will find articles and tutorials to allow you to get the most out of our software.

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