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Blade® v1.16
Date     : 27th June 2019
Filename : Blade-x86-EN-1.16.19178.3.exe
Bytes    : 24594904
MD5      : 0C-25-5A-9B-32-6F-42-F6-7B-57-3A-68-0A-35-9D-DE
SHA256   : CA-F1-4C-99-9C-2E-A9-E4-7E-1D-38-63-DA-9D-64-8B-C6-14-30-23-4B-90-C5-26-5F-1D-05-9A-F5-13-93-1C


The following information details the changes made to Blade® v1.16. This release includes a fix for an EndOfStreamException that is sometimes encountered when trying to recover some corrupt JPEG images.

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-265] - Fixed EndOfStreamException when recovering some corrupt JPEG images


Blade® v1.16b
Date     : 16th June 2021
Filename : Blade-x86-EN-1.16.21167.48.exe
Bytes    : 25652720
MD5      : C9-11-86-92-23-64-AD-FA-2E-4C-2B-6E-2D-21-84-A5
SHA256   : B1-7E-88-79-CF-39-D3-73-65-55-BE-85-C4-0B-9A-4E-7C-F9-67-5F-72-A0-3B-D4-B6-25-91-C5-52-19-F7-FB

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-331] Application startup fails on FIPS machine
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