The evaluation versions of our software have some limitations when compared to the full versions. The evaluation version can be unlocked at any stage and converted to a full version with a valid licence.Our licence information is stored on a USB Licence Dongle which activates the software when it is launched and the dongle is present.

NetAnalysis® Evaluation Limitations

The following features are limited or disabled in the evaluation software:

  • The software cannot be used in any criminal or civil proceedings
  • The evaluation period is 21 days. The software will expire after this period.
  • Every 10th imported record is obfuscated.
  • Opening workspace databases from a licensed version is disabled. Only evaluation version workspaces can be opened in evaluation mode.
  • Saving of new or modified existing reports is disabled.
  • Each report will have an evaluation/demo watermark visible on all preview and printed reports.
  • For every 10th imported record, any associated cached object is not exported from the cache.
  • For every 10th imported record which is a web page, an evaluation page is shown instead.
  • The evaluation has been disabled for virtual environments.
  • The username and password decryption feature is not available.



When using an evaluation version of our software, please ensure you adhere to our End User Licence Agreement with regards to using the software on live or current casework. An evaluation version (or academic version) cannot be used to produce evidence for any casework.

Verifying Evaluation Status

Launch NetAnalysis® and select Help » About NetAnalysis® from the menu. The About window will show how many days are left on the evaluation.


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