The evaluation versions of our software have some limitations compared to the full versions.  The evaluation version can be unlocked at any stage and converted to a full version.  Unlocking takes place with the purchase of a USB Security Dongle


The limitations for Blade Professional are as follows:

  • The software cannot be used in any criminal or civil proceedings
  • The software cannot be used for any commercial purposes
  • The software will expire after approximately 21 days of use
  • The software cannot be used within a virtual environment
  • Only the first 25 identified files will be recovered.  The software will indicate how many data fragments/files have been found and how many could be successfully recovered but will only recover the first 25 identified files or records.


Prior to Blade v1.10, only the first 10 files of any type were recovered and the evaluation period was 30 days.

Professional Module Limitations

The limitations for the Blade Professional Modules are as follows:

  • Module options cannot be configured or changed - a set of default options are set during the evaluation period
  • Only the first 25 identified files will be recovered
  • The Hiberfil.sys converter will only convert Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit files
  • e01 and AFF converters will convert the entire image, but will only permit the output of single segment files along with MD5 hashing
  • The Crypto Hashing module will only permit MD5 hashes

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