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When opening a NetAnalysis Workspace (*.net) from an older version of NetAnalysis, you will see a message box reporting that the workspace is incompatible.  Older NetAnalysis Workspace database files may not be compatible with newer releases of the software.  NetAnalysis 1.50 and above use a much improved database with many additional fields compared to the original workspaces.

Extended Workspace (*.netx)

From NetAnalysis 1.50, the workspace has an extension of *.netx.  This is the extended Workspace.  This workspace is not compatible with NetAnalysis versions prior to 1.50 and should not be opened by these versions.  From NetAnalysis 1.50, the workspace file format has changed considerably.  In this situation, we recommend that the original data is re-imported into NetAnalysis so that you can take advantage of the new extraction engines, new fields and updated information.  NetAnalysis 1.50 deals with date/time values differently than previous versions.  The previous version allowed the examiner to apply a bias to the date/time values so that they could be converted to the standard time of the suspect system time zone.

Incompatible Fields and Date/Time Stamps

From version 1.50, the examiner can select the actual time zone from the suspect system so that not only can the UTC/Local Last Visited times be viewed, dynamic daylight saving is taken into account, making the interpretation of the data an easier task.  This makes converting the data stored in the old workspace extremely difficult.