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NetAnalysis stores the name of the Forensic Scientist / Examiner and Agency information within each Workspace file.  This information is displayed in Reports and Web Page Rebuilding Audit Logs.  This information can be changed as desired.  When NetAnalysis is first installed and run, it reads the registry to identify the Registered User and Company / Agency details for the Operating System.  This information is then stored in the NetAnalysis user configuration file.  As each Workspace is generated, the default values from the configuration file are read and saved to the corresponding fields in the Workspace.


To change the information (and the default future values), simply open the workspace and select Tools >> Options >> Case Settings >> Investigation.  You will see the Options form as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1

Once this information has been saved in a Workspace file, it will be used as the default values for subsequent Workspace files.  This information can be updated and changed at any time.  Suspect and Case Specific Information will be prompted for when compiling reports and can also be updated at any point.