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NetAnalysis® v2 has a completely new user interface that has been designed to make the work of the forensic analyst easier and more productive. It is intuitive, easy to use and will be instantly familiar to previous users of our software. The main components of the interface are contained within dockable panels which are fully customisable. Layouts can also be saved and reloaded.


The screen above shows NetAnalysis® v2 with some docking panels visible. 


The screen above shows the traditional NetAnalysis® layout.


Using drag-and-drop, the user can dock any panel to any edge of a parent container or to other dock panels, or make any panel float over other controls. Panels can also be extracted and viewed in a second monitor if desired.


When panels are docked together, they are available through tabs. All panels can be closed and opened as required.


NetAnalysis® v2 showing cache information and HTTP response data in the docking panels.


The above screen shows the Time Zone information window with a breakdown of Time Zone Parameters and Dynamic DST Information.