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We have added new powerful tools to NetAnalysis® for the analysis and breakdown of URLs and Cookie Name/Value information. Source input includes the URL examination and analysis window, the Cookie Examination windows, Decoded URL column and any other URL column. 

Decoded URL Column


The above panels and grid show the automatic decoding of encoded Chinese characters as well as the extraction of the search terms.


Foreign Language Encoding Support including Unicode/UTF-8



The above panels and grid show the automatic decoding of encoded Arabic characters, as well as the extraction of the search terms. 

NetAnalysis® v2 fully supports Unicode/UTF-8 encoding as well as user selected code pages.


Search Term Extraction


NetAnalysis® also extracts search keywords and phrases and displays them in the Search Term column.


The above screen shows an Arabic search term highlighted using the Quick Search feature.


URL Examination and Analysis Window


The examination window offers the user a number of options for splitting, decoding and analysing URL records and cookie values. From the window above, we can see there are a number of conversion options for decoding selected text such as ROT13, Base64, ASCII85 and HTML Entities.


URL Parameter Analysis


The above screen shows a URL which has been decoded and the split into its component parameters.

Guid Decoding


There are also a number of date/time conversion functions and a Guid converter. The screen above shows the breakdown of a version 1 Guid.

Hex/Text Examination


The above window shows the raw data from a decoded URL as displayed in the Hex view tab.


Base64 Decoding


The window above shows part of a URL being decoded from Base64; the Decoded Text window shows the encoded portion of the URL contained a User ID.

Google EI/SEI Parameter Decoding


The Window above shows the automatic decoding of a Google URL which contains an EI parameter. The EI parameter is a Base64 encoded 16 byte value. The first 4 bytes contain a timestamp which can be seen in the example above.


Base32 Decoding



Date Decoding



Selective Decoding