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The information and warning panels hold additional information relating to a single record. The information panel may show further data from a browser record where there is no corresponding column in the grid. Further information may include data such as record transition information, or name/value pairs from form history etc.

Information Panels

The following screens show a selection of information panel windows.


The above window shows information from a Google Chrome Download entry. 


The above window shows information from a Google Chrome Login Data entry.


The above window shows information from a Google Chrome History entry.

Warning Panels

The warnings panel shows any warning that the user should be aware of regarding a specific record. If a record contains a warning, a warning icon will be placed before the URL in the grid.


The above window shows a warning relating to a Mozilla Firefox history record. In this case, NetAnalysis® is showing that there is no corresponding visit entry for this record which is located in the “moz_places” table.


The window above shows a Microsoft Internet Explorer record which has been partially overwritten. This warning is particularly relevant when establishing the integrity of a record that may have evidential value. 

If there are any issues encountered during data import, NetAnalysis® will flag this to the user in the progress window.


In the window above, NetAnalysis® is warning that an issue with the initial time zone settings has been identified. 


The above window shows the corresponding time zone warning for a specific record which identifies the actual problem.