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The NetAnalysis® v2 reporting suite offers reporting, data analysis and visualisation. It also provides all the tools necessary, in the end-user report designer, to create virtually any report type, be it hierarchical master-detail reports, record and multi-column reports or interactive drill-down and drill-through reports.

The report manager provides the capability to save a report template to file and then re-use it as and when required.


The above window shows the Detailed Report preview.


The Report Designer provides the user with the capability to create new reports from scratch and fully customise them. Reports can be previewed, printed and exported in a variety of formats. 



The above report shows a chart which breakdowns the visit by host for a specific day.


Report Manager

The Report Manager allows the user to categorise and store report templates. Report templates can be reused at any time.


The above window shows the report manager displaying a number of report templates.



Reports can be saved in a number of formats such as PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text and Images. The above example shows a report in PDF format.