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NetAnalysis® has a Keyword List Manager which allows the user to create, store, manage and re-use lists of keywords or phrases to be searched against imported data.

Creating a New Keyword List

Keyword lists are managed within the Keyword Manager. To open the Keyword Manager select the following menu: View » Keyword Manager. This will open the Keyword Manager Panel as shown below:


To create a new Keyword List, right click on any folder (or the root Keyword List) and click on "New Keyword List..." as shown below. If you wish to categorise your Keyword List, you can create a new folder in the Keyword Manager. The new Keyword List can either be created in the new folder, or dragged there at a later date.


Clicking on the New Keyword List item from the right-click menu launches the Create New Keyword List window as shown below.


The first step is to give the new list a name. You can then either type / paste a list of keywords into the list below. Make sure you do not accidentally add unwanted spaces or non-printable characters. When the list is complete, just press OK. The list can easily be edited at a later date.


Keyword lists are case-insensitive so when your list is saved, all keywords will be converted to lower-case, and any duplicate key phrases will be removed.

Editing / Renaming or Deleting a Keyword List

To edit a keyword list, select the list, right-click and click "Open Keyword List". This will open the Edit Keyword List window. To rename a keyword list, select this list, right-click and click "Rename" from the menu, then enter the new name for the list. To delete a keyword list, select the list, right-click and click "Delete" from the menu.

Searching with a Keyword List

To search your imported data against a keyword list, select the list from the Keyword Manager and right-click; when the context-menu is displayed, click on "Search Keywords". The following window will show the searching progress:


When each keyword in the list has been searched, the search results window will appear showing a summary count for each keyword that was found in the imported data.


To review the keyword hits in the grid, right-click on a keyword and select "Search" from the menu (or double-click a keyword hit item). This will filter the records in the grid and highlight any keyword hits for easy review. The window below shows the keyword "cannabis" has been selected for review. All the records containing the word "cannabis" are shown in the grid.


Clearing Keyword Search Hits

To clear the search hits, select any one of the following:

  • Press the short-cut keys (CTRL + F5)
  • Select Search » Clear Search from the menu
  • Right-click on a keyword search hit and select Clear Search

To clear all of the search results, right-click on the Keyword Hits and select Clear Search Results.