The accurate recovery of some file types can be extremely difficult using traditional raw recovery (simple carving) techniques because of the complicated structure of the data; JPEG images are an example where traditional techniques are likely only to be able to extract thumbnail or preview images leaving the main image unrecoverable.


To solve this problem, we have developed an intelligent carving methodology called Intelli-Carve®. Intelli-Carve® moves beyond simple carving techniques and does more than just recovering data between a header and a footer.

Recovery profiles which implement this advanced data recovery technology understand the structure of the data and can verify the integrity of the data during the recovery process. Many of the Blade professional modules employ Intelli-Carve® technology for data validation.  Some of the standard recovery modules also employ Intelli-Carve® routines.  These recover profiles have the Intelli-Carve® symbol next to them so the user can distinguish which profiles have the capability.


Intelli-Carve® Recovery Profiles
$Recycle.Bin Recovery

AOL Personal Filing Cabinet Email Recovery

Hiberfil.sys Converter
INFO2 Deconstructor
Jump List Deconstructor
Link File Deconstructor
Outlook Express v5-6 Email Recovery
SQLite Database Recovery


Intelli-Carve recovery profiles can be identified by a blue icon. Standard profiles have a silver icon.