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Blade® v1.9
Release Date: 14th February 2012
Build: 1.9.12045.01

New Features

  • [BLA-25] - Support for Advanced Forensic Format added (including AFF® Encrypted images)
  • [BLA-31] - GIF profile updated for more accurate recovery
  • [BLA-40] - Added new Code Page selection option
  • [BLA-47] - Length multiplier option for additional recovery capability
  • [BLA-49] - Evaluation / demonstration capabilities added to enable a 30 day trial period
  • [BLA-55] - Added new professional module for converting AFF® image files to binary images
  • [BLA-58] - Hiberfil.sys decompression (32/64bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7)
  • [BLA-70] - Added new recovery profile for SQLite Database recovery


  • [BLA-35] - Update count on duplicate removal
  • [BLA-46] - Added Uint8 option for length markers in recovery profile
  • [BLA-47] - Added length multiplier option to recovery profile
  • [BLA-59] - VALIDATION_ERROR log name changed to DATA_VALIDATION_LOG for clarification
  • [BLA-61] - Dongle detection routines to prevent dongle removed errors
  • [BLA-63] - Added handing of OMA DRM Content Format for Discrete Media Profile (DCF) to ISO Base Media Format validation
  • [BLA-64] - Added further error checking and handling to ISO Base Media File validation
  • [BLA-66] - Updated the WAV profile to include the length marker and a more accurate header
  • [BLA-68] - Length multiplier added to recovery profile
  • [BLA-69] - Options moved from main interface and added to new Options form
  • [BLA-73] - Changed the select source buttons to a single context menu for easier source selection

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-22] - Blade slows down when a large number of files are found
  • [BLA-27] - File Landmark Relative offset should be read-only unless Location is set to Static: Byte Offset
  • [BLA-34] - INFO2 properties crash when not set after first installation
  • [BLA-52] - Issue with some INFO2 records not being recovered
  • [BLA-54] - Issue with two profiles with the same name in global and personal database on software re-installation
  • [BLA-60] - Crash recovering some PNG files
  • [BLA-62] - Byte Order Marker missing from TSV/CSV export files in Blade v1.8 (does not relate to earlier versions which contained the BOM)
  • [BLA-67] - frmMain->DelegateProgress() where in DuplicatesRemoved case, AddLog() FormatNumber() parameter was not being set correctly
  • [BLA-72] - Crash when reading Logicube Dossier E01 images (non-standard e01 implementation)