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Blade® v1.13
Release Date: 23rd March 2016
Build: 1.13.16083.3
File: Blade-x86-EN-1.13.16083.3.exe   Length: 14.7 MB
MD5:  1f-b8-ee-1e-10-0f-b4-9e-fd-ae-f6-cf-44-d9-c5-f8


This section contains information relating to the change log for Blade® version 1.13. This version is a minor release which fixes an issue where Blade® would not run if the licence was purchased over 12 months prior to the release date. It also adds Intelli-Carve® capabilities for PNG image files.

New Features

  • [BLA-189] - Intelli-Carve module for PNG files


  • [BLA-191] - Ability to open export folder from menu once recovery started