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Blade® v1.11
Date   : 2015-02-02 14:30:51
File   : Blade-x86-EN-1.11.15033.36.exe
Size   : 12,395,008 (11.82 MB)
Build  : 1.11.15033.36                                     
MD5    : 5c4088c4f0d5ab1d7d351eead86b0c31
SHA1   : 872d584d5201c24fb1e42c91b45bca88d5b3800a
SHA256 : 04ab4a714446d5a5eeb191e85e1ae20894d41051551ecde882f7a50d7e8f6c55
SHA384 : 39eaeee8edf9d390f9e59f2ecfcd7e3cdf24c607f0a5bba56a249f048ba8c5ec7dd571e345ef34ee292f3a4b087bef8b
SHA512 : 4c12de401cd390496d0159cfb6bc1d68ce858652d5d4271584336b9bf9b76bef6071670bc53272c30d8d3e0541dc56ccc479bcc838b92028b25bd6391e287a2e


This version contains a major change to the recovery engine. In older versions of Blade®, the maximum recovery size was capped at 400 MiB. This new version now allows for a size of 8 GiB to be set. We have also added some new recovery profiles and reviewed all of the existing ones. For a full summary of the changes, please see: Release notes for Blade® v1.11.

New Features

  • [BLA-160] - Added recovery profile for TIFF (little endian)
  • [BLA-161] - Added recovery profile for TIFF (big endian)
  • [BLA-162] - Added recovery profile for FLAMES Environment Variable File


  • [BLA-157] - Maximum file recovery increased from 400 MiB to 8 GiB
  • [BLA-158] - All recovery profiles reviewed and updated
  • [BLA-159] - Bitmap profile amended to use length marker
  • [BLA-163] - Enhanced data recovery engine

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-154] - Not recovering to footer when footer present in recovery profile
  • [BLA-155] - Cannot enter negative value in length adjustment text box
  • [BLA-156] - WAV files not being recovered