Blade® v1.7
Date   : 2010-04-08 14:36:10
File   : Blade-v1.7-win32-1.7.10098.8.exe
Size   : 1,806,872 (1.72 MB)
Build  : 1.7.10098.8         
MD5    : 01b2a157da163a47c673afbaa1b11970
SHA1   : 2c615ba09153114ef39ed8585d63f992ae254e0f
SHA256 : 7a0bce15e05b322f24e6aae4bcd2f1d655f3f63d74ffdbfb64ea238c44999f2e
SHA384 : fbf0fb46309eee019cfe6b859dc877c3ea5f011039a08c0a3afb024e9aa18f440dcfebeff324048f381ba1f6e7dbaef9
SHA512 : 84d09221ef07581da06a57de58d9c86e086d4c865ccbf55ada6294d69ae3ff8529dd6e2f150ed31e60a6c3c8cc1cebaa99ab46ded95fb789633c3705c6a7c889 

Resolved Issues

  • B100010 Crash on extraction if recovery profile has a floating landmark
  • B100011 Crash on JPEG validation when extracted data ended on block boundary

New Features

  • Added support for EnCase single segment e01 image files greater than 2 GiB (Introduced in EnCase 6.7)
  • Logging level options added for Normal, Verbose and Debug
  • Log file names changed to include Session ID
  • JPEG Validation log updated to pin-point exact location of validation error
  • New Regular Expression Testing Utility now installed to assist with creating and testing recovery profiles
  • Dongle validation changed to reduce dongle removed errors on some hardware