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Blade® v1.4
Release Date: 14th February 2010
Build: 1.4.10044.10

New Features

  • New option to output Link File data to SQLite database in Link File Extraction module
  • Blade changed from a single instance application to multiple
  • EnCase e01 search speed increased
  • Physical/Logical Disk Access updated due to intermittent WMI issue in 64 bit Windows

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-6] - Blade crash during data extraction of bitmap
  • [BLA-9] - Crash on extraction if recovery profile has a floating landmark
  • [BLA-10] - Crash on JPEG validation when extracted data ended on block boundary
  • [BLA-11] - Support for e01 segment files greater than 2 GiB
  • [BLA-12] - Blade jpg extraction only carving preview - not full image