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We are pleased to announce the release of Digital Detective’s Blade® v1.14. It has been a while since we have released a version of Blade®; this is because we have been working hard on developing Blade® v2.

New Recovery Profiles

In this release of Blade®, we have added 23 new recovery profiles:

  • Microsoft Outlook (ANSI) PST
  • Microsoft Outlook (Unicode) PST
  • HTML 5
  • Adobe Postscript
  • Advanced Systems Format
  • WebP
  • WebM
  • Web Open Font Format
  • Web Open Font Format v2
  • True Type Font
  • Ogg Encapsulation Format
  • OpenType Font
  • Windows Icon
  • Windows Cursor
  • ISO9660 CD/DVD Image
  • 7-Zip File
  • Microsoft Cabinet
  • Shockwave CWS (compressed)
  • Shockwave Videove FWS (non compressed)
  • F4F Video
  • Scalable Vector Graphic
  • Text File (UTF-8)
  • $Recycle.Bin Recovery

Hiberfil.sys Conversion

We have updated our Hiberfil Converter to support the conversion of hiberfil.sys files from Microsoft Windows 8, 8,1 and 10. We have also improved the handling of files containing xpress blocks where the Operating System cannot be discerned.

$Recycle.Bin Recovery

We have added a new Intelli-Carve® recovery engine for $Recycle.Bin entries. The recovery module allows you to select a number of different output formats:


OLE2 Compound File Recovery

We have considerably enhanced the OLE2 Compound File recovery and detection routines and added support for the following Compound binary files:

  • Microsoft Outlook MSG files
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer TabRoaming files
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer TabRoamingLocal files
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Machine Info files

Recovery Profile Configuration

We have now added support for signed length markers and multipliers when creating your own recovery profiles in Blade®. You can now select:

  • Int8 (Little and Big Endian)
  • Int16 (Little and Big Endian)
  • Int32 (Little and Big Endian)
  • In64 (Little and Big Endian)

This allows you to use negative values in length markers and multipliers. This allows for greater flexibility when designing data recovery profiles.

We have also increased the maximum length for recovery to 32 GiB.


Change Log

To see the full change log for this version, please see: Change Log v1.14.