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titleHstEx® v5.0
Date     : 2021-05-20
Build    : 5.0.21139.6
Filename : HstEx-x86-EN-5.0.21139.6.exe
Bytes    : 32596472
MD5      : 9C-7B-5C-E8-7F-26-7E-56-79-A6-4F-2A-1D-AA-8C-A6
SHA256   : 07-45-A6-4A-12-3E-D7-E2-A8-38-49-7F-F8-52-63-C4-C0-34-83-34-89-3C-79-3D-51-1F-40-03-CA-7A-3E-D2
titleDownload Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version



Version 5 is a major release of HstEx® and adds new support for mobile and portable browsers. We have added 124 new recovery profiles in this release and added support for browsers such as Mozilla Firefox on Android, SalamWeb on various platforms and Samsung Internet Browser on Android. The user interface has been completely re-written and adds major improvements and new features in a number of key areas. We have improved the layout of the user interface, with the goal of improving productivity, and added support for light and dark themes. See HstEx v5.0 for further information.