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  1. Run DataDump ™ and click on the Select Source button.
  2. Select 'Physical or Logical Device' to launch the selection window:


    3. Select the Drive Number which relates to your physical device. In our case above, the device we are interested in is Drive Number 8.
    4. Click OK.
    5. DO NOT change the Start or End LBA values. We automatically set the Start and End values to recover the full device.
    6. Click 'Output File' and select the destination file for your image.


Make sure you select an Output File on a device which is NOT the source. Also, ensure that the destination location has enough space to receive the data from your source. Make sure the destination is formatted to NTFS.

    7. Once the Source and Output File have been selected, click on the Extract button. The will copy all of the data from your source into a single image file.