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Troubleshoot USB Dongle Issues

Prior to contacting us with a suspected defective dongle, please ensure you have complete the following procedure. 

  1. Make sure your USB dongle is inserted directly into a USB slot connected to the main system motherboard.  Do not plug the dongle into a USB hub or a USB extension cable.  Sometimes if the voltage is low, the USB device may not work correctly.
  2. Test the USB dongle on another system to ensure the issue is not computer related.
  3. When the USB dongle is inserted, does the on-board LED light continuously?  If it does not light at all there may be a problem with the dongle.  If it flashes, please try inserting the device into another USB slot. 
  4. Select Start » Bluetooth and other device settings and check that the USB dongle shows up as an HID Dongle (as shown below).

Licence Manager

For the next test, please download and install the Licence Manager software. The Licence Manager can be downloaded below:

With the USB dongle inserted into a free USB slot, run the Licence Manager software. It should show the active dongle in the left hand pane. Click the Save Details button to save information relating to this dongle.

Returning a Defective Dongle

Once you have confirmed the USB device is not working using the procedures above, please open a support ticket here: Support Portal.  You will need to provide the serial number of the dongle.  Depending on the type of dongle you have, this can be found etched onto the metal USB insert, or displayed on a barcoded label on the rear of the dongle.

Upon receipt of the RMA number from Digital Detective Group, you must promptly ship the returned product to Customer Service at the address below.  You should reference the RMA number for faster processing.  It is highly recommended that you use a mail/shipping service that provides a tracking number, since it is your responsibility to ensure the safe return of the device to Digital Detective Group.

Please ensure that you have tested the device and have confirmed it is defective.  If the dongle is found NOT to be defective, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. If the USB dongle has been damaged or subjected to usage that is beyond that of normal wear and tear, you will be liable for the cost of replacing the dongle and the return shipping.

Please use the following address:

Digital Detective Group
Suite 18, Motis Business Centre
Cheriton High Street
CT19 4QJ


Please note the following:

  • On receipt, our support engineers will test the USB dongle to ensure it is defective.  Once this has taken place AND the device is confirmed as defective, we will ship a replacement device.  Please ensure you provide a valid shipping return address.
  • Freight on returned items must be prepaid by the customer, and the customer is responsible for any loss or damage caused by the courier in transit.
  • Include a contact name, daytime phone number and email address for Customer Service to contact you for clarifications.
  • Digital Detective Group recommends that the customer utilise a professional shipping service, with tracking, to minimise risk of damage or loss.